Very Rewarding PR Work Lies In Store With New Client

Very Rewarding PR Work Lies In Store With New Client

March 31st, 2016

Very Rewarding PR Work Lies In Store With New Client

FullSizeRender-3We’ve had many PR clients in Cumbria over the years – our first arriving in late 1999 – but we suspect few will be as rewarding as the Association for the Independence of Disabled People.

This Lake District organisation is managed by the very passionate Paul Adorian, who we had the pleasure of meeting today, along with his wife, Ruth Adorian, who we had meet a few years ago, whilst organising the PR for the opening of the Peter Rabbit shop in Hawkshead.

The Adorians are desperately trying to make hotels understand that disabled bathroom facilities in hotels and other tourism and hospitality venues are woefully inadequate for those with severe disability, who have full-time carers who need to assist them. When toilets are sited in a corner, it is impossible for a carer to be situated either side of the person in their care. By simply showing common sense and disregarding the current rules on disabled bathroom facilities, and situating a toilet in the middle of a wall, with space either side, disabled facilities could actually be of some use to the severely disabled.

But we have another PR mission to fulfil on behalf of AID and that is to help raise money for a drugs trial that appears very close to developing drugs that can significantly slow and stem the development of both Motor Neurone disease and Alzheimers. How rewarding would that be?

We are going to do all we can to make this happen, by publicising, through targeted PR, how every motorist could do something to assist and by thinking of other ways to raise significant funds.

This is going to be a wonderful public relationscampaign to work on. What could be more rewarding? Added to that, we’ve made good friends with Sally the dog and we need to keep returning to see her, to say ‘hello’.

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