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PR and Content Marketing During Coronavirus Lockdown

The last week – the first week of lockdown – has truly shown the important role that PR and content writing can play during the coronavirus period. Whilst those who cannot physically deal with customers can create hugely important virtual…
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March 28th, 2020

Copy Me In

  I’ve been working on a lot of copywriting today. Copywriting is something that sometimes gets overlooked in the greater scheme of what goes on here.  In the course of one day, however, I’ve written copy for a client’s website,…
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April 18th, 2013

A Resolution To Get Out There In 2013!

New Year is just around the corner and I’ve already got a number of resolutions sorted out, but I’ve decided to also go back to one that I had in 2010, which was to make sure I went to as…
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December 21st, 2012