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Ending the Year with 9 Awards!

Catapult PR ended 2022 with another haul of nine top PR and marketing awards for the year – exactly the same number as achieved in 2021! Our first of the year was the PR Moment Silver Award for Culture, Media,…
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January 1st, 2023

‘Poodling Around’ is a Top 20 Leisure Podcast!

Catapult PR’s travel, pet and leisure podcast, ‘Poodling Around’ has been adjudged one of the top 20 leisure podcasts in the UK, by Feedspot. ‘Poodling Around’ typically enjoys episode downloads way above the UK average – great news for our…
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November 6th, 2022

10 Going On 11

The forthcoming week could be the one in which we secure our 11th new client since the start of the year, which would be an amazing and wholly impressive achievement representing our fastest growth ever within our last 18 years….
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May 15th, 2016

New Client Wins At Catapult

It’s been a really good week at the office, even though we’ve only had four days of it!  The big news is that Catapult has two new clients – Russell Armer in Cumbria (homes) and a retained contract with Cumbria…
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August 31st, 2013