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The Attraction of Letting Pupils ‘Boldly Go’

Although Catapult PR has promoted a huge number of tourism visitor attractions around Britain, either directly or indirectly, I can honestly say that I’m not sure the backstory of any non-heritage attraction has been as compelling, for me personally, as…
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March 24th, 2017

Was It Really Only A Four-Day Week?

Well, it might only have been a four-day week, but we’ve certainly crammed loads in! On Monday, it was great to hear o how much coverage we’d generated for the 100th anniversary of Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway … though I…
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September 4th, 2015

Welcomes, Re-Introductions, & Hole Avoidance

So August has finally ended! This has undoubtedly been the busiest (and longest) month Catapult PR has ever experienced in the last 17 years … and we foolishly thought it would be a month in which to get the new…
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August 31st, 2015

A Week Of PR Marriages

I well remember a meeting, back in around 2001, when a client absolutely stunned me, over lunch, with the question ‘Do you ever marry your clients?” Luckily, after nearly choking on my water, I realised that we what he actually…
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August 24th, 2015

Going Back To My Roots

I’m going to have absolutely no excuse for not doing my Christmas shopping this year – in fact, I shall probably have more contact with top-flight retail outlets than I’ve had since living in the Tara Kensington back in the…
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October 23rd, 2014

Client Portfolio Is Bursting With Diversity!

The Catapult client portfolio is certainly bursting with diversity at the moment – and that’s nothing to do with Ashley Banjo and his boys!   Catapult has always evolved throughout its 16+ years, starting very much with its roots in…
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June 20th, 2014

Jane’s May Update … A Little Late!

Jane Hunt, Catapult PR Forgive me for being a little behind with our May news, but it’s been a busy time … Firstly, with the arrival of ‘Rogue Elephants: One PR Girl’s Fight Through the Human Jungle’ on the market,…
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June 3rd, 2013

15 Reasons To Love Catapult PR

    It’s Catapult PR’s 15th birthday today (March 15), so here are 15 good reasons to show it some love!  15 years ago today, I opened my doors at Marsh Mill Village, Thornton Cleveleys, sat in my office on…
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March 15th, 2013