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Jane’s Wyred Up And Ready To Go

Catapult PR’s managing director, Jane Hunt, is Wyred up and definitely ready to go, though finding time to first give her latest talk to a business group at the ‘Wyred Up’ networking event for businesses in Wyre.   Jane will…
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June 8th, 2013

A Week In The Life Of An Elephant Woman

Just one week ago, I took delivery of the first consignment of ‘Rogue Elephants’ books and since then have just had an amazing seven days, with so much opportunity that even I wouldn’t walk away from me right now!  I…
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June 7th, 2013

15 Reasons To Love Catapult PR

    It’s Catapult PR’s 15th birthday today (March 15), so here are 15 good reasons to show it some love!  15 years ago today, I opened my doors at Marsh Mill Village, Thornton Cleveleys, sat in my office on…
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March 15th, 2013

Book Update

  Lots of people have been asking me about my new book about my life in PR, which I had hoped to finish to coincide with Catapult’s 15th birthday, but I’m stuck in 2005 having just had my friend Nigel…
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March 14th, 2013

Name Of PR Book Revealed

  My book cover designers in South Africa have put my new book cover on their home page, so I guess it’s time I revealed the name of the book about my PR career, which is ‘Rogue Elephants’ and subtitled…
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February 23rd, 2013

15 Up – How Should We Celebrate?

  There are less than two months to go now to Catapult’s official birthday in March 2013, which is a fact that amazes me, as at one point I could never have imagined spending 5 years of my life doing…
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January 20th, 2013